Visitor from Peru!

Visitor from Peru!


Sandra Paula Villacorta Chambi has recently visited ECAust's Darwin office during her sabbatical leave from Peru. We have exchanged our knowledge and ideas on erosion modelling and how to apply this technology on landslide prevention.

Sandra has nearly 20 years’ experience working as an Engineering Geologist in the challenging and geologically dynamic landscapes of the western Andes mountain range. She has managed field work programs in remote localities and uses the latest numerical models and laboratory techniques required for the complex analysis of her data. This experience, along with her enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge has made her a leader in her country in research, measurement and prediction of geologic hazards (landslide, debris flows and mudflows). These hazards have devastating impacts causing loss of life and property. Her innovative research aims in this field are the establishment of early warning systems to allow evacuations and using affordable engineering structures to prevent devastating losses.

Apart from this, Sandra also pursues her academic geologic interests and has recently complete her Doctoral thesis on the paleo-evolution of the Rimac River delta. This research is classic tertiary geology and is soon to published in the international literature.

While in Australia, Sandra hopes to establish ties that will stay with her throughout her career. She hopes to gain experience in mine geotechnical assessment and rehabilitation and other areas where her geological excellence may of assistance to local researchers and consultants.

People of ECAust are very glad to meet Sandra and exchange experience and knowledge with her. See you Sandra, enjoy your journey in Australia!


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